Author: Cheyanne Ainsworth


Dunkeld General Store

Heading from the Grampians to Derrinallum, we HAD to stop at the Dunkeld General Store! … Why? Because we needed a good hit of coffee, and Adrian and Melissa know exactly how to make the perfect cup! When Adrian and Melissa owned and ran Mejavo’s in Bristol Road, Torquay we’d relish sitting outside in the […]

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Derrinallum ANZ Bank Closure

Last week we attended a meeting in Derrinallum about the ANZ Bank closing in November 2014. Bendigo Bank branch reps were there to discuss the possibility of having an Agency in Derrinallum, and what funds would need to be pumped into it, to be financially viable. In a nutshell, they want $20 million from our […]

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Land Capability Assessment

Hold ups, rules and regulations, you just have to grin and bear it Here’s the story so far – – We are changing the use of our shop to Café/Restaurant – New EPA rules requires an LCA report done by an engineer to assess our Wastewater system – Our design needs to be changed to […]

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Red Till Anglesea – Knitting Nancy

I cannot knit. I cannot sew. I cannot cook. Not great wife material really am I? I inherited a sewing machine from my Step-Mum a few years ago; it has sat in the garage gathering layers of dust…. But one day soon I’ll face the sewing monster fear and get it out. God help me […]

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The Color Grey

With all the building and renovation plans being amended, and awaiting the LCA Report, Chris and the guys decided to give the café a much needed facelift. Two coats of render completed, lots of locals stopping by for a chin wag, a bit of rain here and there, but by all accounts a productive week […]

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Big Smoke – Wine & Coffee

Dotting i’s and crossing t’s this month saw us heading into the big smoke. It started with a 2.5 hr gridlock crawl to Melbourne. I hate traffic. By the time we got from Torquay to Werribee I could have driven from Torquay to Derrinallum and back! I wanted to turn around at Werribee and head […]

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Holiday, Food, Fun & Sun ….and a little planning!

After gutting the inside of the shop, having the 3 phase power connected and removing the peppercorn tree, now its time to get the internal layout sorted. No better place to do this than the Philippines! We love this place. The food, the sun, the beach, the people, its all good here! Oh and the […]

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Derrinallum and New Beginnings

Last week we attended the Corangamite Foodies Feast, what a hoot of a time we had! We walked in not knowing a soul and by the end of the night we’d met, drank and laughed with some very funny and friendly locals.

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Mt Elephant Fun Run

Hubby ran the 5km Derrinallum Market to Mount Fun Run today… I sat in a warm car with coffee from the Derrinallum Market! Me run? Not unless Im being chased by zombies.

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Looking Back

Over the years I’ve heard the saying never look in the rearview mirror, keep looking forward.

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